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Wad - Submission Requirements

Yahya Massoud
By Yahya Massoud
1 month ago
Wad - Submission Requirements

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  1. 17 of 25 Wa `d PART D SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS 22. Gap analysis and implementation plan S 22.1 IFIs that currently offer a product or service that is structured based on wa`d must assess the consistency of such product or service with the requirements of this policy document and identify any potential gaps. S 22.2 IFIs must develop an implementation plan which will incorporate potential measure(s) to address the gaps which have been identified, to ensure full compliance with this policy document by 1 January 2019. The implementation plan shall be endorsed by the Shariah Committee and approved by the Board. S 22.3 Submission28 of the gap analysis and implementation plan shall be made29 to Pengarah, Jabatan Perbankan Islam dan Takaful no later than 30 April 2017. 28 29 IFIs should inform the Bank if the submission of gap analysis or implementation plan is irrelevant should such products or services are not offered currently. IFIs may provide submission via email to scos@bnm.gov.my. Issued on: 2 February 2017